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At CAC we provide Asian businesses a gateway to thrive within the competitive environment of Canada’s industrial sphere.

The Canadian market is densely populated with a variety of diverse and multi-faceted products accessible to the masses. Canadian companies are hungry for differentiation and are very eager to source good quality products at advantageous prices.

Asian companies that can provide visibility, reliability and quality assurance have tremendous opportunities to progress in Canadian markets.

The United States remains Canada’s largest trade partner despite the shift in the global economic arena. Canadian aspirations for its commercial future are gravitating towards the East as trade flows with the United States have been decreasing due to rigorous security measures with emphasis on cross border transactions and people migration. Other prominent factors responsible for this decrease include the strengthening of the Canadian currency and the broadening competition from Chinese suppliers which serve to reinforce the diminution further.

Unlike her ‘Powerhouse’ neighbour, Canada has yet to solidify trade deals with any of the Asian nations. Subsequently, there is ample opportunity to expand relations between the two regions in order to establish mutually beneficial trade agreements, thereby exerting both their influences in global trade as a whole.

Asia’s market share with reference to Canadian imports accounts for approximately 20%. The total Canadian import that comes from China is 10% and 4.5% comes from Japan. China is Canada’s leading trading partner in Asia, with total goods trade at roughly 60 billion Canadian dollars.

Canada is viewed favourably by Chinese investors because of her open approach to their presence according to the China Goes Global Survey, written by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. As a result, Canada is well positioned to accept a greater share of Chinese investment.

With Asia high on its radar, the Canadian government is eager to progress relations with Asia and are pushing for incentives to do so. Canada has already put in place many Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements with several Asian countries. Vancouver’s port plays a major role in facilitating a Canada/Asia gateway for trade and initiated the Canadian Government’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.

Canada’s presence as a lucrative commercial hub highlights the fertile terrain for Asian investment and trade. CAC can equip you with the tools for maximum growth in Canada.

How we have helped clients realise their international potential

Our CAC team has a firm grasp of what it takes for an Asian company to be successful in Canada. With over thirty years of combined experience in international consultancy and trading logistics, we are well equipped to provide you with an array of tools and services for your transition into the Canadian Marketplace.

Our CAC team has a firm grasp of what it takes for an Asian company to be successful in Canada. With over thirty years of combined experience in international consultancy and trading logistics, we are well equipped to provide you with an array of tools and services for your transition into the Canadian Marketplace.


Exporting to Canada
Tailored Guidance in exporting and penetrating into new
markets for international growth-ready companies

At CAC, our exposure to the Canadian/Asian business terrain has given us a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to give you effective feet on the ground and ability to fast track your Asia development.

  • Our services range from preparatory market analysis through to on the ground identification of local partners
  • We can provide you a level of support that is tailor-made to your current needs and development stage in Canada


Supporting you in setting up in Canada
Find all the essential services you need to do business

At CAC, we want to ensure that you have a smooth passage on your journey to the Canadian marketplace. We aim to provide you with a strong foothold from the get-go and offer assistance with the following;

  • Dealing with government bodies for licenses, customs requirements
    and any other regulatory hurdles
  • Under the guidance of the principle, agree terms of reference and
    contract conditions with sales partners
  • Agree sales targets and monitor achievement
  • Facilitate the right connections
  • Provide thorough local experts’ advice regarding tax and accounting
    implications of company types available
  • Identify suitable candidates for local recruitment
  • Facilitate immigration and personal arrangements for employees being transferred
  • Arrange local support services – accounting, legal, logistics, office supplies etc.
  • Ensure each partner is supported with training and sales materials
  • Support local partners with direct sales where needed
  • Coordinate all the local work required to set up your own entity in Hong Kong or Canada

In all of the above we are happy to present ourselves as your organization in Asia and brand ourselves (cards, email etc.) accordingly.

The service is available as an on-going or project basis.


Growing and advancing business in Canada
Making it happen at the sharp end

Our mission is to take tangible steps that advance your development in Canada and we consider every task – big or small – that advances your business to be important. Whether it’s:

  • Finding a solid distributor or distributors
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles
  • Making sure product gets to market

We will be there to support you.

Success Story: Enabling Industrial Products to capture the Canadian Market.

Mobile Energy (ME) is a company that specializes in providing Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and energy solutions for industrial and transportation applications. Their principal aim is to help their partners reduce fuel cost and environmental impact by providing turnkey LNG fuelling solutions to convert the consumption of diesel for industrial/transportation purposes, and other oil based fuels to domestic and reliable natural gas which is both cleaner and more economical. Mobile Energy was formed by a group of dedicated professionals and investors who have more than 50 years of combined experience in the natural gas industry based in Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

New Market Opportunity
Mobile Energy was a BC-incorporated company that was owned by Foreign Investors. They were searching for Canadian-based partners who possessed the expertise in business development, the invaluable knowledge of the local, commercial landscape and accessibility to trusted industry connections who could assist in defining and finalizing their supply chain strategy.

Meeting ME’s Objectives
CAC’s Vancouver-based partners provided ME with the foundation to finalize their supply chain via reliable support in research analysis and logistical insight. The partners also provided valuable contacts in the transportation industry to test and explore ME’s business model.

Mobile Energy has transformed to True North Energy Corporation and has recruited CAC as an active partner.ME recognized the partnership as an advantageous move that was fuelled by the positive experiences that they had working with CAC in an advisory role.

CAC’s partners have acquired a wealth of experience in marketing and strategizing within the consultancy and logistical arena. They have proven instrumental in facilitating and guiding small to medium-sized companies in many different fields. Boasting a solid network of Government and Corporate contacts, CAC are ideally placed to help Asian companies develop a Canadian platform.

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