Helping Canadian business access Asia's markets

The Asian market is a great opportunity for small and mid-sized Canadian companies to unlock a whole new layer of sales and transform their results.

Canadian goods come to the market with a reputation for quality and Canadian companies are respected as conducting business professionally and with integrity.

In the next two decades, Asia’s middle class is expected to exceed over 1.5 billion people with a high demand for consumer goods and massive investment injected into their infrastructure to accommodate for social reforms in health care, education and environmental standards.

China as an example is one of Canada’s primary trading partners but Chinese-Canadian trade fulfills less than 15% of US-Canadian trade. There is, therefore, ample room for Canadian companies to manoeuvre towards the Asian markets and develop a solid business foundation in markets that have huge growth potential.

Canada Asia Connection has a core understanding of the anatomy of Asian Business Models. Our unique position in the market can help you dissect obstructions in order for your business to enter into the Asian Markets.

We offer different levels of support to suit your needs whether that is short-term project assistance, local representation or guidance in creating your entity in Canada or Hong Kong.

If your company has aspirations to develop in Asia but would benefit from local expertise to do so we will provide a cost-effective, results orientated platform to make your aspirations a reality.

How we help businesses realise their international potential

Our CAC team has a firm grasp of what it takes for a Asian company to be successful in Canada. With over thirty years of combined experience in international consultancy and trading logistics, we are well equipped to provide you with an array of tools and services for your transition into the Asia Marketplace.

Our key differentiator from a typical backroom consultation role is that we compliment local knowledge with business acumen and a keen desire to make things happen where it counts for your business and brand – at the sharp end.

Exporting to Asia
Tailored Guidance in exporting and penetrating into new
markets for international growth-ready companies

At CAC, our exposure to the Canadian/Asian business terrain has given us a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to give you effective feet on the ground and ability to fast track your Asia development.


  • Our services range from preparatory market analysis through to on the ground identification of local partners
  • We can provide you a level of support that is tailor-made to your current needs and development stage in Asia

Supporting you in setting up in Asia
Find all the essential services you need to do business

At CAC, we want to ensure that you have a smooth passage on your journey to the Asian marketplace. We aim to provide you with a strong foothold from the get-go and offer assistance with the following;

  • Dealing with government bodies for licenses, customs requirements
    and any other regulatory hurdles
  • Under the guidance of the principle, agree terms of reference and
    contract conditions with sales partners
  • Agree sales targets and monitor achievement
  • Facilitate the right connections
  • Provide thorough local experts’ advice regarding tax and accounting
    implications of company types available
  • Identify suitable candidates for local recruitment
  • Facilitate immigration and personal arrangements for employees being transferred
  • Arrange local support services – accounting, legal, logistics, office supplies etc.
  • Ensure each partner is supported with training and sales materials
  • Support local partners with direct sales where needed
  • Coordinate all the local work required to set up your own entity in Hong Kong or Canada

In all of the above we are happy to present ourselves as your organization in Asia and brand ourselves (cards, email etc.) accordingly.

The service is available as an on-going or project basis.

Making it happen in Asia
Growing and advancing business at the sharp end

Our mission is to take tangible steps that advance your development in Asia and we consider every task – big or small – that advances your business to be important. Whether it’s:

  • Finding a solid distributor or distributors
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles
  • Making sure product gets to market

We will be there to support you.


Cataclean is the flagship product of System Products UK limited which was established in 1995 to promote Cataclean.

Cataclean is an engine and fuel system detoxification technology designed to help both petrol and diesel vehicles of all sizes and types significantly reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

Cataclean’s core market was initially the UK where it built a reputation for its ability to radically lower emissions and improve performance – its impact being very tangibly demonstrated in its ability to help cars pass Ministry of Transport emissions tests that were previously failing them. North America became a substantial export market in the last two years and more recently African and Middle-Eastern Markets have been added.

How to Penetrate Asia
Cataclean had made some ad hoc attempts to penetrate the Asian market. The lack of sharp end marketing and sales capability on the ground to identify and vet suitable distributors to then work with them to build brand identity and new sales channels had meant that despite having excellent products they had not established a foothold.

In early 2013 Cataclean approached UK Asia Connection to represent them in Asia and provide the on-the-ground platform they were missing. We then worked closely together to identify what the opportunities were for Cataclean in Asia and the best plan of attack.

A new market segment
Cataclean has built its reputation with cars and its primary sales channel in the UK and North America is Motor factories and Vehicle Service Centres. There are a number of competing products in this space. In Asia it was identified that the industrial sector was a particularly good entry target because vehicle fleet owners are acutely sensitive to fuel costs and are under increasing regulatory pressure to control emissions.

Gaining a Foothold
Cataclean was able to secure a full scale trial with a major industrial client in Hong Kong running a fleet of several hundred vehicles as well as other machinery that would benefit from Cataclean. A nine month trial started in October 2013 managed by CAC with vigorous monitoring of before and after application fuel consumption and emissions.

The trial was an outstanding success and presentation of the results led to substantial amounts of Cataclean ordered across the industrial sector for two new pieces of equipment on which it will run a second round of trials before deploying in its worldwide facilities assuming Cataclean continues to demonstrate the impact it did in the first trial.

CAC’s role in ensuring the trial was properly supplied, the Cataclean product correctly applied and close coordination maintained with the client was critical in its success.

Perhaps more significantly CAC has been able to use this experience on the ground to contribute to Cataclean’s strategic thinking about how to develop a completely new product segment.

Using the proven results from our first big industrial client in Asia, System Products Uk Limited is now marketing an industrial range of Cataclean in all its markets and is seeing great results.

As Ross Baigent the owner of Cataclean indicated “Jeremy and his team have not only helped us to establish an invaluable platform in Asia but have also been a part of widening Cataclean’s vision on our product range world-wide… We are delighted with the work done and recommend other clients who want to develop their Asian presence to use CAC.”

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